Do you want to know what gives you energy or what costs you energy? What really suits you or what you have learned in the past? We use the ACT® measuring instrument that gives you clear direction and answers!

You literally get an overview of your talents. The result of the ACT® measurement lets you discover who you really are and how that limits, empowers and determines your daily life.


ACT® is a measuring instrument which gives you clear direction and answers to the question of who you are by nature. It holds up a mirror to you.

It allows you to discover who you really are and how that limits, validates and determines your daily life. We take the measurement from you, give you a detailed feedback and get to work with it in a concrete way.


1. Short intake to get your goal clear.
2. Completing the ACT measurement, this is done online and takes +/- 12 minutes.
3. After completion, everything is processed in a report and we plan a personal feedback meeting of 1.5 hours.
4. You will receive the report at home so you can read it again if you want to.

Marlene & Danielle van TeamHeartbeats springen in de lucht. Foto: Liselore Tempel Teamtraining oefening - Team Heartbeats - foto door: Liselore Tempel ©

persoonlijke act

437,- Excl. BTW
  • You have direction in your development issue.
  • You experience more peace and quiet.
  • You know who you are by nature.
  • You experience more energy.
  • You know how to react in stressful situations


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