Team heartbeats


We believe that we will create a more beautiful world for tomorrow if we teach people to live from their hearts. We do this through trainings, seminars and workshops. We bring you from your head (back) to your heart. This makes you and your organization more resilient.

We will work mercilessly loving with your team or organization. We do this with sincere attention. Not because it sounds beautiful, just because we are like this. Your happiness, your intention. This process is never finished and at the same time it's already fine the way it is.


founder & de gamechanger

I make things better, more fun, faster or softer. I push the boundaries by telling stories. I want to touch people with a tear or a smile. Laugh, cry, stand still or dance, but grow. I guard the big picture by standing still and looking around, slowing down, feeling and only speed up".

Daniëlle CEO Team Heartbeats


Founder & de regelaar

"I believe that by moving you grow. Everything I do is about growth; about myself and the other. I am strategically strong, innovative and communicative. With a positive view on the world and an above average energy level, I guide our team and other organisations to the next step".


mEDE-EIGENAAR & Gedragsveranderaar

"I have an above-average interest in people and their behaviour. I am guided by my intuition and have great confidence in the world and its quality to really see and touch people. It gives me energy to connect and to go into depth together. By being open and honest about myself and what I see in others, I hope to be the inspiration to let you live more from your heart".



"I think it is important to face new challenges in life. Challenging yourself often leads to the most unexpected, gifted things. I am very forward-thinking, innovative and inspired by everything around me. With my communicative qualities and strong vision, together with the Team Heartbeats I create creative ideas from a new, fresh perspective".



"I'll make you feel who you are inside again. With my background as a movement scientist, I help people grow. I do this in a very energetic way. Nothing is too crazy for me. If you live according to what you really are, this gives you enormous mental and physical strength. I love a challenge! Will you join me?"


The creative mind

"Through my creative mind I (almost) always manage to come up with a suitable solution for every challenge.

Helping others is at the top of my list. Because of my input in the Team Heartbeats everyone gets just that extra kick with energy to accomplish his or her task".


De structuur'junkie'

"I have experienced for myself how nice and valuable it is to make time for yourself, both in business and personally. Getting to know yourself better through theory and exercises works in so many different areas. Within Team Heartbeats I can combine my business knowledge and qualities with my social, empathy and insight. With a lot of enthusiasm I like to dedicate myself to letting more people experience development, insight and growth. I grant that to everyone!


The Marketing power

"In everything I do in my life, activation & movement is central, as is my profession; marketing. With my 360 degree marketing vision and ultimate hunger for growth and innovation, I am building solid results-driven marketing & commercial strategies for Team Heartbeats and the organisations we help with our training, coaching and activities. I look forward to connecting with you and getting you and your company moving together with our team of specialists!


De MOTIVERENDE heartbeast

"When you play, your eyes shine, when your eyes shine, I know you give everything". Playfully I want to challenge people and organisations to get moving. To change the rules of the game so that the game we play as "big" people becomes fairer, more effective, more enjoyable and more sustainable. I like to use music as a metaphor. In the music is the connection between your talent and the movement of the audience is central. Excellence, playing together, connecting, moving, listening, tuning and huh! competition. Too soft? Then I challenge you to a game!