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organisation constellations

An organisation constellation can help you to clarify organisation, team or individual issues.

It is a systemic approach that assumes that the system wants to be complete. An organisation is a system and it strives to be complete, now and in the past.

An Organisation Constellation reveals conscious and unconscious patterns that underlie why communication gets stuck, a merger is difficult, absenteeism is high, change is not embraced by employees or any other dilemma that may arise within a company, organisation or work issue.

It can help to set the direction for the future and make clear where the company is going in the future.

Lachende mensen op het werk


An Organisation Constellation can be live and online. It can be done with the board, the entire MT, managers or a team within the organisation. It is also applicable with entrepreneurs, small companies or individual work issues on any level. It can be done with leaves, objects, representatives or team members. In a preliminary discussion by telephone, we will discuss what is the most desirable form for your organisation.

who are you, who are we?

We would be happy to talk to you without any obligation. Then we know who you are and what you stand for. Where there are bottlenecks and what your wishes are. Conversely, you will get an impression of who we are and what we can do for your company specifically.

energizers that excite you!

All our trainings and energizers start with energy. Not woolly, but cheerful and energetic! We believe that you first need to connect before you can bring content. Moreover, we can then go deeper more quickly.

Let's get to work;
time for action

Based on your challenges and wishes, we get to work with the employees of your organisation. Here, we bring form and content together so that people can get back to work inspired and with clear tips and tools.

Team Heartbeats Energizer (team werknemers met handen in de lucht)

What does the training provide?

Often, a single organisation constellation provides insights that place challenges within the organisation in a different light, sometimes lasting for years. This gets things moving again and clarifies the direction or the next steps to be taken.

What is your investment: 
90 - 120 minutes of your time and an introductory price of 519 euro Excl. BTW for the whole team. 


Team Heartbeats conducts several webinars on topics such as resilience, teamwork and much more.

Podcasts, listen to resilient adventures and discoveries.

Listen to inspiring stories that move you. About resilience and dealing with setbacks. With sometimes a tear and especially a smile, we tackle the resilient forces of life in these podcasts.

Blogs, read the latest news on resilience, innovation and growth.

Stories work as inspirers and motivators. Learn from other people's experiences and resilient outlook on life by reading these blogs. Which one touches you the most?

Webinars; tips & tricks for more resilience.

Watch our free webinars full of energy and exercises for increasing resilience. For you and your company. Receive tips for increasing agility; a quality that leads to success!

on innovation and growth!

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