Personal programs

Welke training past bij jou als persoon

Unlock Your Potential organisatie training Team Heartbeats (vrouw op kussen met laptop in gesprek met collega's)


You want a challenge now, quickly and to the point. Then this is the package for you. No nonsense, no chit-chat, but straight to the heart of the problem.


Do you want sustainable change and to know who you naturally are? Then this package is made for you! We use the ACT® measuring instrument, which gives you clear direction and answers to the question of who you are by nature. 

Veerkrachtig zijn deze dagen

the resilience road

In zes weken nemen wij je online mee in ‘The Resilience road’. Een programma waarin wij al onze kennis over veerkracht hebben gebundeld om jou sneller, beter en veerkrachtiger om te laten gaan met tegenslagen in je leven.


An intuitive (family) set-up allows you to see and feel the larger dimension of your existence. It assumes that with our ratio we cannot understand our whole being. An attitude is a way to let energy flow again.