Unlock Your Potential


We will turn your company into the best version of itself! We go out on the road with the heart of your organization, your team, towards insights, transformation and growth!

Rub your eyes, wake up, feel energetic and resilient! This is your day, one day to make the best investment you can. A gift 100% to yourself. Slow down, feel and accelerate. Play, dance, cry, laugh, be curious and make an impact. Will you join us?

Clarity about who you are gives you peace and space. It gives direction to your life and helps you make choices for the things that really matter to you. Nobody can tell you what choices you should make, you have to make them yourself. You make those choices from your heart, because we are already in our heads enough. During this program we create awareness for what is really important for you and your team.

Team Heartbeats Energizer (team werknemers met handen in de lucht)

We will slow down, feel and accelerate with you

Who is unlock your potential for

  • Do the days sometimes go by too fast or do you get carried away by the rush of the moment?
  • Would you like to reflect on how you live your life, both at work and in your private life?
  • Do you ever wonder, "How do I make the most impact?"


Adrienne Lijs
Adrienne Lijs
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"An inspiring day at an inspiring location. Everyone should pause for a moment to move forward"
Jenine Post
Jenine Post
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"I am still bouncing with energy"
Musette Govers
Musette Govers
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"That digital holiday, what a stress, but what a reward it is!"


After this day, you and your team will be full of energy and more aware of what is really important. Through experimental and insightful exercises, the unconscious becomes known and this leads to reflection and deepening. This leads to better team performance. 

Practical information
We work in groups of up to 15 participants. This ensures that there is plenty of attention for personal questions.

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