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Caring for others. The most beautiful job there is. Or should we say: the best job there could be? The workload, absenteeism én het verloop onder zorgmedewerkers is hoger dan ooit. De omgeving verandert snel en wordt steeds onvoorspelbaarder.

For this reason, only resilient people and agile organizations remain successful. We therefore ensure that the most important part of your organization is activated: the people! As management and HR employee, you can respond to this by ensuring that, despite all the changes, your team stands strong together.

Through customized training courses, we make care institutions more flexible by putting care workers as a team in their (spring) power. We focus on connecting and strengthening the entire team. By investing efficiently, this results in cost savings, while resilient motivation and job satisfaction also have their effect on clients. Book an introductory meeting now to find out about the targeted possibilities for your team and organisation!

Niek van den Adel spreekt op event


As Team Heartbeats, we are experts in the field of resilience and agility and we work primarily with healthcare institutions such as hospitals, home care organisations, ambulance services and more. Within these organisations we bring the potential of people (back) to the surface. The result is that they become the most natural and energetic version of themselves and work together efficiently. This way, you (staff) stay healthier and satisfied, work more effectively and add value.

who are you, who are we?

We would be happy to talk to you without any obligation. Then we know who you are and what you stand for. Where there are bottlenecks and what your wishes are. Conversely, you will get an impression of who we are and what we can do for your company specifically.

energizers that excite you!

All our trainings and energizers start with energy. Not woolly, but cheerful and energetic! We believe that you first need to connect before you can bring content. Moreover, we can then go deeper more quickly.

Let's get to work;
time for action

Based on your challenges and wishes, we get to work with the employees of your organisation. Here, we bring form and content together so that people can get back to work inspired and with clear tips and tools.

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Who went before you?

These companies were already participating #proud

In a world where everyone works at home, and yet another lock-down lasts even longer than expected, Team Heartbeats manages to bring the warmth, positivity and energy through our screens with a vengeance!

It is so nice to see how open we are to each other, but also how much fun we have during the weekly sessions.
Tja, lachen zorgt er echt voor dat de gelukshormonen door je lichaam gieren 🙂

For anyone who would like to be more agile and resilient, either personally or with their team, I recommend talking to Team Heartbeats.

Marina Daalhuizen


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I really saw the training as a gift. Nice atmosphere, nice trainers, casual but serious.

The next day I went to work so much lighter and more grateful. What a lot has been achieved in one day. 

Nicole Solleveld

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Who are we?

Team Heartbeats offers energetic, customized organisational training programmes, aimed at people as beating hearts. With personal attention and enthusiasm, we put your team and organisation in its (spring) power.

We believe in a personal approach while focusing on business growth. We quickly go into depth with our training courses. In this way, we ensure a resilient team that is connected with each other. So that people can work efficiently (again), purposefully and with motivation on what is important.

Niek van den Adel, one of the founders of Team Heartbeats, has many years of experience in healthcare and has even wrote a book about it.This is a nice preview of our training sessions.

Recommended for your sector

Below is a selection of popular training modules specifically for organisations:


After this training day, your team will be full of energy again. Insightful exercises provide depth, which leads to better team performance. On to insight, transformation and growth!

Play Smart Grow Hard

We work on the personal development of the entire team; from online sessions to outdoor teambuilding. Afterwards, your team will work with renewed energy and resilience for the best results!


During our 45-minute energizer, we take you into the energy of Team Heartbeats. Together we create a recharging moment for the entire team, after work can resume at full speed.


Meet Team Heartbeats

In a customized training programme, we connect with the wishes, bottlenecks and needs of your company and employees. In order to achieve our goals, we combine the forces of our experienced trainers with various fields of expertise.

With knowledge of strategy, organisational management, care, behavioural change, hospitality and movement sciences, we stand strong together to help your company grow to resilient heights. We strengthen your healthcare organisation with the greatest care.


Team Hearbeats offers inspiration, springpower, teamwork and succes:

Podcasts, listen to resilient adventures and discoveries.

Listen to inspiring stories that move you. About resilience and dealing with setbacks. With sometimes a tear and especially a smile, we tackle the resilient forces of life in these podcasts.

Blogs, read the latest news on resilience, innovation and growth.

Stories work as inspirers and motivators. Learn from other people's experiences and resilient outlook on life by reading these blogs. Which one touches you the most?

Webinars; tips & tricks for more resilience.

Watch our free webinars full of energy and exercises for increasing resilience. For you and your company. Receive tips for increasing agility; a quality that leads to success!

on innovation and growth!

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