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Heartbeats believes that people are the beating heart of an organization. Our mission is to accomplish massive growth by making them more resilient. This makes companies agile and provides a strong foundation for transformation, so they remain of value on an earth worth living on.

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Inspiration; Make a deep dive with your team.

Inspiring podcasts, blogs and webinars, so you can return to your work with renewed motivation.

Trainings; successful by being resilient

Take a deep dive to grow to resilient heights as a person, a team and a company.
Trainings full of energy, content and depth to successfully achieve goals!

Coaching; Become the best version of yourself in a goal-oriented way

You want a challenge now, quickly and to the point. Then this is the package for you. No nonsense, no chit-chat, but straight to the heart of the problem.

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Team Heartbeats is a boutique training agency specialised in human resilience and agility in organisations. In other words: we inspire, train and coach people in the field of resilience in order to make companies more agile and to realise positive change, growth and development.

Kies voor inspiratiesessies, zoals key notes en energizers, complete (team)trainingstrajecten en/of aanvullende individuele coaching programma’s.

New: our E-book!

We have created an E-book full of interesting theory and exercises. Your journey to improve your resilience starts here. Fill in your details below and you will receive our new E-book in your mail.

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Team Heartbeats offers inspiration and training on topics such as resilience, agility, teambuilding and more

Podcasts, listen to resilient adventures and discoveries.

Listen to inspiring stories that move you. About resilience and dealing with setbacks. With sometimes a tear and especially a smile, we tackle the resilient forces of life in these podcasts.

Blogs, read the latest news on resilience, innovation and growth.

Stories work as inspirers and motivators. Learn from other people's experiences and resilient outlook on life by reading these blogs. Which one touches you the most?

Webinars; tips & tricks for more resilience.

Watch our free webinars full of energy and exercises for increasing resilience. For you and your company. Receive tips for increasing agility; a quality that leads to success!


Caring for others. The most beautiful job there is. Or should we say: the best job there could be? The workload, absenteeism and turnover among care workers is higher than ever. How do you turn this around and create a strong and sustainable team that cares?


The public sector - such as municipalities and government bodies, tax authorities and security agencies - offers an enormous diversity of work. How do you keep your team motivated and agile?

on innovation and growth!